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What is Google SEO?

Over 80% of internet searches are performed using Google’s search engine. This is why we have created our specific Google SEO services using ethical strategies that comply fully with strict Google guidelines.

Gone are the days when you could gain quick wins and top search results using black hat SEO techniques. With regular updates to the Google SEO algorithms it means taking part in such practices might see you drop many places or even blacklisted and removed from search engine results completely. Not an ideal situation for your business!

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What’s included in our Google SEO services?

Google SEO Essentials
  • Web Master Tools: Setup, Customize and Analyze Google Webmaster tools for a number of criteria’s such as crawl errors, malware, indexing etc. and thus fixing issues.
  • Advanced Analytics: Customized analytics setup with private dashboards, Goals, Funnels, Best performing pages, Best referrals, Campaign tracking, Ecommerce transactions etc. to identify KPI (key performance Indicators).
  • Site Maps: Create and Submit XML site maps with the right frequency & priority. Design and upload Html sitemaps for visitors.
  • Domain Optimization: Create or customize robots.txt file and implement. Optimize 301 and 404 redirects. Finding and fixing Canonical issues.
  • Page Speed: Optimize the site for a quick loading time. Google consider this as a very important factor on ranking the websites.
Google SEO Onsite Factors
  • Keyword Research & Mapping: Expert keyword research on the latest trends relevant to the industry coupled with a high conversion rate of keywords for maximum performance. Map appropriate keywords to corresponding pages.
  • Meta Tag Optimization: Optimize meta title, meta description and other meta tags with the right keywords in accordance to Google guidelines.
  • Content Optimization: Optimize header tags with keywords. Optimize content with the right keyword density. Eliminate duplicate content, lean content and user generated SPAM.
  • Multimedia & Image Optimization: Optimize videos and other multimedia content with search engine friendly standard tags. Optimize Image with appropriate alt & title tags.
  • Schema/Rich Text Snippets: Create or optimize schemas for web page elements such as ecommerce products, Services, professionals etc.
  • URL & Navigation Structure: Optimize website URLs and navigation structure according to the guidelines.
  • Outbound Link Optimization: Analyze and optimize site wide links, bad neighborhood, and links to irrelevant sites.
  • Broken Link & Redirects: Detect and fix broken links and erratic redirects.
  • Optimize 404 Error Page: Optimize 404 error pages with a proper navigation structure.
Onsite Promotions
  • Create unique fresh & quality content at site through
  • Blogging – Impressive, informative and engaging blog content
  • Infographics – Appealing Infographics on Industry related topics
  • Case Studies – Informative data rich, statistical and interesting case studies
  • Videos – Attractive videos on products, services, how to etc.
  • Help – Add content to help section such as what, how, when and where about the business.
  • Industry News – Constantly update Industry specific news
Offsite Promotions
  • Build authenticity through high quality links and citations
  • Verified Business profiles at popular sites with citations.
  • Customized business profiles at social networks and google properties such as Google+, Youtube etc.
  • Update frequently on social media properties with engaging content.
  • Back Links from high quality Video sites.
  • Brand Authenticity through news sites such as Google news etc.
  • Profiles and links from case studies, presentations.
  • Links from Infographics.
  • Pinterest Boards with Viral images/Quotographics.
Website Protection

BackLink Monitoring

Monitor Back Links, Analyze & Contact website owners to remove bad links. Disavow badlinks as and when required.

Site Monitoring

Monitor website constantly for malware, crawl errors, site downtime, user generated SPAM.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Brandshout have always done things by the book and our Google SEO ensures you maintain a high position in search results. Sustained organic ranking over the long term is the solution for growing your business and long term results.

Our Google SEO packages cater to websites big and small and are 100% designed to adhere to all the latest guidelines set by google and bring you success.



    • Up to 7 Pages
    • No Set Up Costs
    • Minimum 6 Month Term
    • Monthly Direct Debit Payments
    • Monthly Reports
    • Up to 40 Pages
    • No Set Up Costs
    • Minimum 6 Month Term
    • Monthly Direct Debit Payments
    • Monthly Reports


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