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Here you will find a range of questions and answers on the subject of web design, hosting, our maintenance plans, payment terms and search engine optimisation. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call and we’d be happy to help – 01733 595 600

How much will a website cost?
Brandshout websites start at as little as £449, but this will largely depend on the size of the site, functions and customisation you require to meet the demands of your business. We will recommend using products that are most suited to your requirements and are the most cost effective to meet your budget. A transparent and comprehensive proposal document will be provided from the outset, which outlines the work involved and cost breakdowns.
How long does it take to build a website?
The length of time it takes to create your website is dependent on the individual project. As an estimate, a basic website can take between 3-6 weeks and a more complex website around 8-12+ weeks. In each case, once the details of the brief have been discussed, we will demonstrate within our proposal, timescales for each stage and always bend over backwards to meet and beat our deadlines.
Will text for the website be included?
We don’t include text as a standard. The client sometimes provides content including text and images. We have experienced copywriters who are trained in writing to please the search engines as well as humans. They can create text content for any industry. Copywriting is an additional cost and a very important aspect of any website if it is to engage readers, be found in Google or convert visitors to customers successfully.
Can you create or source images for my website?
The client often provides images for their websites, however we have a graphic design team if any custom illustrations or images need creating. We can also source stock imagery to suit your topic or business. Images may come as an additional cost, but this will be outlined in our discussions and depend on the quantity of images required.
Do your websites look good on mobile phones?
Absolutely! All of our websites are responsive, meaning they will re-size and display on any phone, tablet or desktop device. Often a web company will charge extra for this, but no website these days should be anything else but responsive in design.
What is a Content Management System (CMS)?
A CMS is an intuitive, web based publishing tool that allows you to edit the content displayed on your website. A staff member is able to login via an admin panel and make simple text changes on a page without a steep learning curve. We use WordPress CMS for our clients and there are hundreds and thousands of tutorials and videos available online which can help you do almost anything.
What is WordPress?
WordPress is an open source blogging and website platform. It’s a fantastic tool for blogging with a comprehensive CMS and used by 20% of the top ten million business websites in the world. It uses PHP and MySQL, which runs on a web hosting service, and so common, almost every web developer in the land can work with it.
I’m a technophobe and don’t understand websites, can you help?
Don’t worry, most people are the same as you and yes, we can help. We have low cost website maintenance plans where we can update your website on a monthly basis with new products, testimonials, or add images and video etc. Most clients
choose this option, which saves them time learning something new and keeps them focused on building up their business.
What are the payment terms for the design and development of my website?
Brandshout operates default payment terms, which are 40% of the total project as a deposit. A further 30% when the main build, structure and functions are in place and the remaining 30% on completion.
Do you offer web-hosting services?
90% of our clients choose to use our affordable cloud based hosting. Our hosting provider is UK based and offers super fast server response times for increased page loading speeds, which is great for the search engines. Its performance and security is one of the best in the UK. We also offer full support in terms of uploading your website to the web space and handling any support queries for you. Hosting can also be provided free of charge within one of our website maintenance plans.
I already have web-hosting, is this an issue?
This is generally no issue at all. Different hosting providers vary in the configuration and set up required. We always recommend you use a UK service provider. If we host the site in our account there is no charge for set up and in addition, if you are using one of our low cost maintenance plans, your hosting will be free of charge for the duration you are with us. For 3rd party hosting set ups on clients own hosting we charge £50.
Can you create email accounts for me?
If we manage your hosting, we can set up professional POP3 or IMAP email accounts that work seamlessly with your domain name. All basic accounts have a 400MB limit, however larger 2GB mailboxes can be created for £20 per account, per year. All accounts are virus scanned at the server level, so reducing the risk of hacking or virus attacks.
Can you register a domain name for me?
We can do this for you, but will always register it in your name within our account. A domain could one day be a valuable asset, so always be wary of companies who fully control your domain and don’t register it with your name.
What if I already have a domain name?
This is no problem. We would just need access to your domain registration account and link your domain with your website free of charge.
What will happen to my domain name or emails if I cancel my account with you?
The domain name within the brandshout domain account will be registered in your name, so you are free to switch provider if you wish. Your email addresses will need to be reconfigured within your new server settings. We will honor any transfer requests without any questions, but we are confident that our service is so good and cost effective that you’ll be with us for as long as your business is still trading.
What is SEO or search engine optimisation?
SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is the process of getting traffic to your website from the organic or natural listings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO is an essential process required for your website to have a chance of being found for search terms related to your business and not just your business name. For example you may be a plumber based in Peterborough, so you’d want to be found easily for the term “Plumber in Peterborough” or “Plumbing Services Peterborough” and not just your business name “Plumbsafe”.
How long does it take to reach the top of the search engines?
Ranking, indexing and the position of your website is controlled by the major search engines themselves and there are hundreds of factors that effect this. This includes the number of competitors for a particular search term and how much SEO work they have had completed, a terms or phrases popularity, and its broadness. The majority of our clients see vast improvements in their rankings within as little as 2-3 months and climb and get increased traffic month on month.
How much traffic should I expect once I’m at the top of the search engines?
The amount of traffic you get will depend on the amount of monthly searches made and the keyword or phrase we target. We target keywords both main and secondary with long tail keywords too, so to capture and target as much traffic as possible to your website. Analytics and reports that we produce will show monthly changes and improvements.
Is ranking in the search engines that important?
With over 90% of internet users not looking past the first page of results when searching means if your not improving your ranking with SEO, you are likely not to experience many visitors or convert much business. The more phrases that you have on the first page, the more traffic to your website and phone calls you will receive.
How long will I need to use SEO services for?
SEO is an ongoing process, much like other forms of advertising such as newspaper adverts, leaflets, radio or TV commercials. There are hundreds of reports that suggest SEO provides a better ROI than most other forms of advertising and like this other media, if you stop you will lose more and more traffic and your sales or leads will decrease drastically. SEO needs to be constant and daily, weekly or bi-monthly work needs to be carried out.
How do backlinks help my rankings?
Search engines see backlinks as positive votes for your site. Much like retweets, follows or likes on your social media profiles. Backlinks help improve your rankings and the more good quality and natural links you have from reputable sources the better. Backlinks need creating over a period of time using various social bookmarking, PR, directory and review sites with varied anchor text for the best results.

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